And speaking of BLUE magazine… The Art of Robert J Guttke

The world is full of pretty pictures of pretty, buff men posing in the nude. We can see them in magazines, on billboards, on the television, and certainly all over the internet. Yet, so much of it is just pumped out. Occasionally however, I come across a photographer that has a true sense of style, and irrefutable talent. Robert J Guttke is such a man!

Over the past few years, he and I have become close friends. I know that he is a very talented individual, but there is much more to him than that. Robert has the ability to show us the models he photographs, through his eyes, in ways that are undeniably mesmerizing. His work is always done with so much respect for his subject and craft, and the results are almost always a picture which speaks louder than any words ever could. But you see, that is also because without really knowing it, Robert Guttke is a choreographer of the human body. Flesh is his clay, and the photographs are his ultimate work of art.

Recently, Studio Magazines released a special book entitled, BLUE MUSE. I am so proud of Robert, because one of his beautiful photos was chosen to grace the cover. You all should check it out if you have the chance. The book is gorgeous!

So while Robert Guttke is an exceptionally talented photographer, he is also a deeply beautiful man, with whom I have had the privilege of sharing a wonderful friendship. I have learned much about the workings of his mind and of his craft, and it is a world that never ceases to fascinate.

His website has more of his wonderful creations and photography! I encourage you all to drop by and look beyond the guy in the photograph to the world of emotion and sensuality so perfectly entwined and at play!


  1. Hi Patrick,

    Ahhh! The men of Blue – yes the world is full of photo’s of beautiful buffed men and we all love to look at them. But I do think that magazines as such really need to take responsibility in the amount of beautiful men they show.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at a mans body, but I also love looking at a natural body, one that is normal in appearance , a man with hair on his chest and sometimes a not so angelic face.

    We live in a world where women are forced to think that they have to be ultra skinny to be beautiful and men have to be buffed and waxed to be beautiful.

    I guess the point I am making is that no matter what a body shape all people are beautiful. Teenagers are over run with insecurities about their appearance, young gay men think they will not be accepted because they don’t look like the man on the cover. I see this happen all the time in Sydney, and I find it sad. And to those people all I have to say is, you are beautiful, personality goes a lot further than looks, you have your personality for life, looks fade. There is nothing wrong with having a swimmers build, hairy chest or freckles, you can be anything you want regardless of your appearance.

    The men you have featured in this blog are beautiful, and the photographer has done a great job capturing his qualities. Again, Patrick, you have come through with the goodies again!

    Licks & Chews!

  2. AMEN to that, Manny!

    Kisses — Patrick XOXO

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