BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #7 – By the Power of GAYSKULL… Iceman does He-Man!

In a few of the recent threads on this Blog, a lot of you have expressed how much you LOVE seeing your childhood heroes, shall we say…all GROWN UP! LOL!!! Admitedly, this is something I share in common with you guys! That is why today I thought I would talk about an artist who renders our childhood heroes in an adult manner better than anyone else I know! I want to talk about ICEMAN!

Iceman has been drawing Marvel and Dc superheroes (amongst others) for the past few years in some pretty sticky situation. His SLASH is always guaranteed to be one thing: HOT…HOT…HOT! …okay, so that’s one thing 3 times! LOL!!!

His website, ON ICE, has undergone many different looks and changes in the last months, but you are always sure to find mouthwatering depictions of either Spidey losing his costume, or Robin and Batman giving into their desires. And that’s just a few of the wonderfully wicked scenarios Iceman depicts so well.

In a recent email, I learned that he is hard at work putting together a 7-page Masters of the Universe story which he hopes to have ready very shortly! Sooooo… his sexy rendition of He-Man (LOVE the piercing by the way!) is our cover image for issue #7 of Boytoons Magazine. I’ll be sure to let you know when his He-Man story is complete. As you know I am a HUGE Masters of the Universe fan! Needless to say, Iceman’s news really made my day!

So for all of us who have dreamed of seeing Spidey in the buff ever since he started making our Spider Senses Tingle, this is the site to go to! Iceman puts a lot of love and hard work into his images, and the results are very potent…and ALWAYS wet and explosive!


  1. BY THE POWER OF GAYSKULL!!!!! RARRGH! … sorry, couldn’t resist… :D

    first of all – thanks for pointing out that awesome artist. Personally, I prefered Skeletor, he seemed to have better legs :D But now, seeing He-Man pierced and sexy all in the buff makes me think twice. heh.

  2. Hey Phrog…

    My fave has ALWAYS been Stratos. I’ve been working on a fan art of him…in my own style… for like, EVER!

    If I ever get it finished, I will certainly share! Meanwhile, Iceman ROCKS doesn’t he?

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Hello Patrick,

    You are supremely right: His art is absolutely gorgeous and I like the idea of an adult comic book based on these characters! Being honest here, I considered the older comics always pretty… sexy already. So, there is lots of material that Iceman can pick up and play around with.
    Thanks for pointing out that great artist to us =D

    All the very, very best!

  4. Hey Phrog…

    Another cool thing about Iceman’s site is how often he updates it. You gotta remember to check back often, cause he is always adding more cool stuff! And you wouldn’t want to miss anything!

    Cheers my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Hello Patrick,

    I have seen Iceman’s art over there at y-hosting-gallery and I downloaded every e-comic that he ever produced. I truly, truly, truly think his stuff is awesome++!!!

    Thanks alot. Again… lol…

  6. All Hail The Iceman!

    This guy rocks! I found his site by accident a few months back and the first thing I saw was a comic strip of the Justice League of America. At first I thought it was just an online comic until I really took a good long HARD look at the artwork. I have never seen the guy’s from the JLA look so hot before. Green Lantern doing Flash over, Aquaman kidnapped and having his cum drained from him, Superman having a pump over his dick extracting jizz from him, Batman going down on Superman. It just went on. Not only did the work look like it was done by an artist ove at D.C. Comics, but the story line itself was something that I could see in a D.C comic strip and was almost believable. Now if only we could get Brandon Routh to pose like that in his Superman outfit…

    His rendition of He-Man really makes you look at the cartoon series again, the homo erotic overtones really stand out in a G rated cartoon.

    I agree with Phrog, Skeletor does have better legs, it just makes you wonder what he was doing to himself under that robe of his when he had He-man bound and gagged!!!!

    Time for a cold shower!

    Licks & Chews!
    Manny, Sydney Australia.

    But to ask a question, What has Glen Hanson been up to of late?

  7. Hey Manny and Phrog…

    Glad you are enjoying Iceman’s work! He is very talented, and he is a really nice guy! I would love to see him whip up a strip of his own original creations at some point. I think he would be terrific at it!

    Manny, I had indeed seen his JLA comic, and also thought it was blistering hot! Soooooo much fantasy material in one comic, it was awesome!

    Meanwhile I am sure that he will end up drawing Skeletor in his 7-page Masters of the Universe strip. Something for all of us to look forward to!

    Hugz + kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  8. Charvolth says

    I’m not one for penile piercings, but that was a good pic of He-Man, and I can’t wait to see the comic. I think the background was particularly good.
    I wish the new show was still going (once you got past the new voices). I thought the stories were better, and the action sequences were definitely meant to sate an anime fed generation.
    At least the fans can still keep it going. Patrick, I’d love to see you do a pic of any of the Masters, granted my personal favorite was He-Man.

  9. Hello Charvolth…

    Thanks for the post! I was a HUGE fan of the new show as well, and I PRAY TO GOD it someday comes out on DVD! The stories were so wonderfully inter-woven, and I thought the animation was brilliant! Plus Adam was soooooooooo HOT!!!

    I was torn to pieces when they ended it! There was so much potential for future stories, but alas, it was not meant to be. :o(

    I have been working on a Stratos illustration for like, EVER! So I just may have to finish him up soon and post it here! I’ve also been toying with a Prince Adam idea, and Fraser’s favorite character has ALWAYS been Mossman…so I’ve been thinking of drawing him as well. If only there were more hours in a day! LOL!!! So much to do, so little time!

    Anyhow, thanks again for the great post, my friend! Have a wonderful day!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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