They love me! They REALLY LOVE me!

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Aawww… wasn’t it nice of the good people at the First Baptist Church to endorse my Blog? I sure thought so!

Alexis wanted me to pass this on: ! Fun AND completely unrelated! I love the power of owning a Blog! Mwah-HA!HA!


  1. T Anderson says

    LOL! Of course they do…Baptists are the most tolerant of all protestant cults-I mean religions- I bet that place is in Texas.

    In Texas, we win at tolerance; don’t agree–we shoot you.

  2. Hey Gynocrat!! I think you could be right about the origin of that pic… HA! HA! HA!

    Although God KNOWS it could have come from my teeny tiny Home Town in Northern British Columbia! I still catch on fire when I enter certain religious establishments there! YIKES!

    XOXO – Patrick :o)

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