Pictures in Magazines!

Thought I would share a few recent magazine illustrations I whipped up for Black Inches, Latin Inches and Freshmen magazines. Seems that I have been drawing for Black Inches for close to 5 years now, and they are some of the coolest folks to deal with. Plus, I’ve been able to collect a lot of my Black Boy illustrations into a book recently, so call it an extra added incentive to keep up the good work! HA! HA! HA!

Meanwhile, I have only just started illustrating for Freshmen, but again, a really great bunch of people.

Anyhow, I hope you like the images! My friend Robert Guttke (you really MUST check out his site by the way! The man is a brilliant photographer!) wants to know if Target has sued me yet for using the bullseye symbol for the Latin Inches illustration. He thinks it looks a lot like their logo! What, did they trademark the color red when used in rings?!?!

Say I sure would love to hear what you guys thought of my HOT CHOCOLATE book! Don’t be shy! I am ALL ears!


  1. Ismael Álvarez says

    Ho again Patrick. Wow, really good work for hinches mag. As always :). I love the first illustration, very very hot!.

    By the way, i have a gift (funny gift hehe) for you and your blog :):

    I hope that you like it hehe. It’s me (without my pencil… hehe).

    Also, your profile icon on his blog don’t show!!!


  2. Hiya Ismael…

    Always a pleasure to hear from you, dear friend!

    Thank you for that WONDERFUL GIFT!!! :oD You sexy Devil, you! HA! HA! HA! I will have to share it with the rest my readers of course!

    Glad you like the magazine pics! And thanks for the heads up about His Blog! I will certainly fix that!

    Hugz and Kisses,
    dear friend!

    PS- I also realized we have the same little red and pink balls… On our Blog/site I mean! I will have to change that since you had them before me! Much love to you! :o)

  3. That first image is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

    Man, there’s just something about seeing a guy all spread-eagle from behind like that. ;)

  4. Hiya G-Man…

    Would you believe it’s my FAVORITE pose to draw! I just have a butt fetish thing, I guess! LOL!!!

    Glad you liked the pics!


  5. Your favorite pose? Mine too!

    A butt fetish? You and me both!

  6. Hiya G-Man…

    Of course you know, there are several poses I quite enjoy depicting, but the butt on a Boytoon just offers so many possibilities! And my Boytoons are always happy to do that! LOL!!!

    Take care my friend! :D
    Patrick XOXO

  7. HOT CHOCOLATE is DELICIOUS, fucking GORGEOUS, brilliant. Don’t worry about Target… this illustration doesn’t approach infringement. I”M SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG. XOXOXOOX

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