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I thought I might kick off the new month with some of my favorite illustrators: Theo and Jack of the BRITDOODZ!

Man, can these boys draw. Always super fun and super sexy, their art is simply fantastic. Their boys are as varied as they are hot, and they provide a little something for everyone!

Being comic artists and fans of the likes of Tom of Finland and Harry Bush, Jack and Theo saw a big, gaping hole in the UK market for homegrown sexy ‘toon guys, so they started BritDoodz.com. (You’ll need to register for both BritDoodz and Gaydar…but TRUST ME, it’s well worth it!)

Through their work on Britdoodz, they were given the opportunity to work on an online comic strip for Gaydar. Although the strip was short lived, it remains one of my favorite online comics. The characters are compelling and very charming. The sex is mighty scorching as well… and everything is done with so much zeal and talent, it just blows my mind!

You can also check out From the Cellar episodes illustrated by Theo as well! I’ll have more for you on From the Cellar in the days to come!


  1. Thanks for featuring the BritDoodz! These are some of my all time favorite gay ‘toons; I love the cartoony, fun style they’re drawn in.

  2. Hey Spubba!

    My pleasure! They’re some of my faves as well, plus Jack and Theo are really great guys! They do some beautiful stuff, and I was happy to share it with all of you!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

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