Thought I might share this really quick little sketch I did of a few of my favorite Marvel characters. Hmmm…oddly enough, Nightcrawler is not present. Oh well…in he’ll be in the next one!

Meanwhile, I kinda over-sexualized Spidey and Damon Hellstorm a bit, but I say, what are fantasies for!?!

Character List:

Storm (Classic Costume)
Elektra (based upon Jae Lee’s version from Marvel Nemesis)
Damon Hellstorm… Mmmmmmm…. now that is a HOT character! :)
Wolverine (obligatory, I suppose!)
Mr. Fantastic
Namor… yummy goodness!
The Thing
… and of course, a long time fave of mine, SPIDER-WOMAN! Way to make a come-back!


  1. Ah, your pencils look so free and easy. Your experience is showing.

    I set up a feed link to your blog over at LiveJournal.com so hopefully more people will be watching the Boytoons magazine through LJ. The LJ user is boytoons.

  2. Ismael Álvarez says

    Aah, You´re the best Patrick :). I love your hands ;).

    Also, the mails is arrived! ;). I’m working now in LOCUS! ;)


  3. HEY SPUB… You are so sweet to plug my Blog like this! And thanks for your sweet words about my pencils…though I have to confess, most of the time, they look like chicken scratches to me! Well, as artists, we are our own worst critics, I guess! HA! HA! HA!

    Meanwhile, I will HAVE to check out LJ! You’re the best! XOXO

    ISMAEL, my friend… I can’t WAIT to see how you draw Locus. It will be amazing I am sure! Hugz + Kisses, sweetie! XOXO

  4. I’m all about that image of Spidey– hehe.

    Dude, I’m so glad to see that you draw Mavel characters too. I always feel bad drawing them cuz I have my own characters– but it’s so fun!

  5. Hiya JC…

    I know what you mean. I sometimes feel guilty for drawing something other than my own characters ’cause I think I could be spending that time being more productive elsewhere! But we grew up with the Marvel characters, and they are our heroes! I think it’s only natural that we like to draw them once in a while!

    Besides…Spidey can be SO DAMN HOT! He’s a joy to draw!

    Thanks for the note, my friend! :o)


  6. As always, first-rate work, Patrick. In particular, the composition has an excellent flow to it, the way that, say, a good comic book cover would. The fine craftsmanship is all the more remarkable given that the image was obviously uncommissioned and, thus, clearly a labor of love. :)

    And last but certainly not least, it was a real treat to see ol’ Spidey packing, well, such a package! ;)

  7. Hey G-Man…

    Glad you liked the pic. It always feels so odd and so fantastic all at once drawing Marvel characters. Odd because it doesn’t happen often, and fantastic because I grew up loving these heroes, and of course, as I got older, yeah, I found a lot of them DAMN sexy.

    In the New Avengers issue #5, Spidey admits to the team (MUCH to SpiderWoman’s disgust – LOL) that he doesn’t wear underwear under his costume. Well then, the way I see it, that boy would bulge a lot more than he is ever shown doing in the comics! I thought I would work off that premise! HA! HA! HA!

    But you’re right. A labor of love for me… And I loved every minute!

    Patrick XOXO

  8. Hello Patrick,

    Your renditions of all these famous and beloved characters are AWESOME! Funnyily enough, I always imagined Namor getting in touch with Cam hehehe =D

    Thanks for Your time, Your art, everything.

  9. Hiya Phrog…

    Glad you like my take on Marvel! Mmmm, Cam + Namor… NOW that would be one HELL of a crossover! LOL!!! Maybe it could involve mud wrestling! HA! HA! HA!

    Take care, my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

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