It’s about time I got me one of these blogs. The truth is that I have been meaning to do this for some time. Sometimes I forget that I am not just a comic book artist, but also a comic book fan, and I love sharing my love of comics ( and the characters that populate them ) with others. Gay characters and Gay erotica in comics is also really important to me ( obviously, given what i do! ), so stick around, and I’ll bring you as much juicy Boytoon goodness as I can! Meanwhile, I am proud to post the first cover of my BOYTOONS MAGAZINE Blog, featuring Camili-Cat, my favorite Comics Creation! Enjoy!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO


  1. MJR Charlie says

    Hi Patrick.

    I could come out sounding like a massive fan boy of your work (which I am, giggles), bit I’m just going to say your work is, without a dount, the best thing since Tom of Finland. Your characters are diverse and colourful, your plots are structured, and you’ve created this sexy and large universe I love to delve into.
    I’m in Love with Naked Justice cause he represents the heroes I grew up with, but does something no have ever done before (how often I wanted Wolverine or Hulk to just let it all hang out).

    My one sad regret is that living in the u.k and having a mastercard, for a while I had no access to your work. Luckily a really nice guy who met me online and also loves your work sends for 2 copies of your books, one for me and one for him.
    I’m really looking forward to Rapture part 2, and we’ve sent for Porky #1.

    I love you man!!

  2. Hi Charlie…

    Thanks so much for the awesome comment! I am blushing as we speak! HA! HA! HA! It’s always so cool to hear from my readers. I’m really glad to hear that you like NJ so much…I think you’ll enjoy his part in Rapture #2. I can’t wait to get this book out! It’s coming together really nicely I think!

    Meanwhile, I agree with you that if reality had any bearing on some of the Marvel stuff, the Hulk of all people would probably be hanging loose! Now THAT I would love to see! Green IS my favorite color! ;)

    Anyhow, thanks again for the really sweet message! I think you’ll enjoy Porky #1! Logan is a brilliant artist and a master story teller.

    All the best to you, my friend!
    Hugz + Kisses

  3. T Anderson says

    Welcome to blogging!! ^_^

  4. Hey Patrick,
    As you know I love your work, (I created a few of your characters in sculpture) I really wasn’t sure about other artists taking on your characters. I fell in love with the characters as created in your own style. Don’t get me wrong I love the other artists’ work. Like Ismael’s work, and he has his own unique style. I like to see His interpretation of your characters just like the pin up pictures or portrait of the character. But seeing the characters interacting in the comic book format, I would much rather see your artwork for the story. I don’t know much about what goes into the whole comic book process, but the idea I would like to see is maybe You coming up with a story line and character description and letting Ismael develop the style and look of the characters and let him run with that. (I like his alternative, long haired, bad-boy looking characters.) Maybe a young-gay vampire story or goth boy character.
    I hope I didn’t offend You, but just one readers opinion on the “other artists” subjuct.
    BTW I think Naked Justice is also my favorite character!

  5. Charvolth says

    Been a fan of your work for a while, you’re style is awesome.
    There is one thing, I count myself, probably, as a minority among your fanbase who actually liked the thought of Cam being bi.
    You had a scene in towards the end of ‘The Gift’ in the 20th anniversary special where Felicia questioned staying with Cam and Locus.
    Just a shot in the dark, what about a one page strip with Cam and Felicia having an intimate moment, perhaps as thanx for saving his life with the dildo, or perhaps reminicing on that night while drunk. Maybe throw Locus in just to sex Cam up while he’s with Felicia, just a thought.
    I also liked the notion of Cam topping once in a while, seems he should have a bit more fun with his wonderfully oversized equipment.
    Just my thought, I can’t wait to see what the new issues of Rapture have in store.


  6. Oooh! Blogging is super Fun!!! Thanks so much for the comments everyone!

    Gynocrat: Thanks for the warm welcome, girl! I am very glad to be here! And in great company!

    Zio: How could I possibly be upset by your comment? I really appreciated your kind words and your honesty! The truth behind the decision to bring new artists into the Class Comics fold was to…

    a) help things move along at a more regular pace. Other people working on stories means that titles can get done in a more timely fashion. I still insist on being really involved in the process of course, from the scripting to the art direction, but overall, artists like Ismael and Logan are professionals and really know their craft! This really helps! Wait until you see Deimos #1, by the way. Logan drew the entire thing… It is a masterpiece!!!!

    b) Other people working on various projects means I don’t have to! LOL!!! I will be honest, it can get a bit hair raising trying to complete 5 to 6 books at once. I fall behind, fans get cranky, the apocalypse draws nigh…I tear out my hair…it’s just messy! ;) This way, I can ensure that certain titles get done, again in a timely fashion, and I can focus on my personal fave projects.

    c) For my partner, Fraser and I, it’s all about expansion of our little company. Our dream is to someday be a “Mini Gay Marvel-like company”. New artists means that we can help other aspiring artists get published and that we can maybe serve as a spring board to help them further their careers along. We feel pretty good about that! :o)

    …and d) I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing my characters drawn by other artists! It’s a total thrill for me. Just like I fell in love with your sculptures of my Boytoons, it’s a great charge for me when I get a story back that was completed by an artist I admire! It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure in some ways!

    Meanwhile, I really liked your suggestion of creating a story and characters specifically for another artist. Your idea that they could create the look of the characters from scratch is really cool! Something I will DEFINITELY keep in mind!

    Again, great to hear from you!

    Charvolth: Thanks for your comment about Felicia and Cam’s relationship… a subject I have to admit, I am sometimes a little afraid to broach! As you have noticed, I take pleasure in sneaking Felicia in the Cam stories as often as I can. I may be gay, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of a stunning woman…which I would like to think Felicia is!

    In regards to Cam’s bi-sexuality, I think I steer away from it sometimes because my primary audience is composed of Gay men. I have received comments from readers like “No more women, please!”, but obviously that will NEVER happen! I love female characters and respect them far too much to simply cut them out of the stories. Besides, they add a spice and diversity that I think would be sorely missed if they were not present. Where Guardians of the Cube would be without Jeanne Darque, I just don’t know!

    Meanwhile, Cam and Felicia are the very best of friends. They truly have seen each other through the best and worst times of their lives, and I think that to put them together might betray that friendship a little. That is kinda why the two of them made this promise to one another that the physical stuff was a big no-no!

    Because of these many reasons, I have to exercise a certain amount of restraint in how physical I make Cam and Felicia get with each other. That isn’t to say that it couldn’t happen again at some point, and I LOVED your suggestion of Cam “thanking” Felicia for saving him from the Elomite… so I think I will look at creating a one- page strip, like the ones I post on my website, that would feature this.

    As far as Cam topping, I think he does need to do a little more of that from time to time as well! I think Lanor was the only guy he has ever topped to date… but Cam may have a go at Locus in a story to come… To be continued! ;)

  7. Charvolth says

    Thanks for the reply, I was worrying I was coming across as too critical or being heavy handed with suggestions.
    I’m also trying to adjust to the recent loss of John Blackburn. I was a big fan of the Coley comics he published through Eros. I wasn’t big on the S&M and recognized he had a slight misogynistic, rarely did his female characters come to a good end, but Coley was one of the few, if only bi (more or less) male characters in adult comics, atleast through the Eros storylines.

  8. Hiya Charvolth…

    Please don’t worry! I really appreciated your suggestions. And I really like your honesty!

    As for the passing of John Blackburn, it is a real shame. :( It is always so sad when an important artist leaves us. I did not always agree with all of his work, but one has to recognize the talent the man had. He helped to put gay (and of course BI) comics on the map. We should all be very grateful to him for that.

    He will indeed be missed.

    Hugz + Kisses

  9. Congrats on your blog, Patrick! It’s great that you now have a way to interact with the fans. And what a great first image to post to let them know how much they mean to you! VA-VA-VOOM!!

    As for the issue of having other artists render your characters, I don’t have a problem with it. For example, to me, Spiderman always looked best when he was drawn by Todd McFarlane — but that didn’t mean that I disliked, say, Erik Larsen’s take on the character. Larsen’s Spiderman was cool too, just not as cool as McFarlane’s. I feel the same way about other artists drawing your characters. Besides, you’re trying to run a business here and you’re only one man; you can’t do it ALL by yourself. Any fan who has a problem with that simply has to face reality.

    Lastly, perhaps it’s because I’m a relative newcomer to the Class Comics universe, but I had no idea that Cam and Felicia were friends ONLY. I guess that means I’m gonna have to get over wanting to see them get it on. Haha. Also, I second the motion to see Cam top more during sex scenes. :)

  10. Hey Patrick,

    first of all thanks so very much for being the coolest, nicest and most gifted guy I’ve ever come internet-across.
    It’s useless to say that I’m deeply in love with each and every of Your creations, but especially Cam, Lanor and Locus – there’s so much sexiness and humour in Your characters that I truly believe You and Your partner will succeed in creating a gay “Marvel”-equivalent.

    I wish You all the best (and me a damn Visa/Mastercard! grr)!

    Love, peace

  11. Hello G-Man…

    You are so sweet! Thank you so much for that wonderfully warm welcome!

    I am so happy you like the look of the Blog so far. I have to admit this has become a verrrrrry addictive hobby!

    Mostly, it’s that I love talking with you guys! I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes for so long, and I guess you could say I’m a pretty private person for the most part. It just felt to me like I needed to have more contact with everyone who is reading my work! After all, I really feel like the characters continue to live and breathe because you guys are there to welcome them with open arms! So thanks for that! :o)

    Thanks also for your opinion on the other artists drawing my characters. It’s great to hear all sides of the issue because it helps Fraz and I proceed in a more informed manner. As I’ve mentioned before, I personally LOVE seeing others illustrate my boys and girls, but I completely respect the flip side of the coin as well.

    Art is such a personal preference thing. I have to admit, I have been known to drop a title like X-Men when a new artist has come along that does not really tickle my fancy (if it’s not Alan Davis….well…it can be a bit tough for me! LOL). But I would like to think that the new artists we’re bringing on board at Class are all AWESOME and that they are all extremely gifted in their own styles. I love the individuality that a different artist brings to their work, and at the same time, what is really wicked is how recognizable the characters ultimately are. Diversity is the spice of life. But as I said, I also understand why some readers might feel it is a bit jarring!

    Ultimately, you are correct. It is important to bring in new team members for the team to continue to grow. If Class Comics is ever going to get larger and release books in a more timely manner, other creators is the only way to go.

    Meanwhile, I am starting to wonder if Cam and Felicia need to get pelvic once in while, judging from the various comments people have left here! I am certainly going to have to give them the opportunity to do so in the near future I think! The trick will be doing it in a way that doesn’t betray the characters…but I’ll come up with something!

    Much love, my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  12. G’Mornin’ Phrog!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you very much for your kind words! You sure kicked my weekend off on a great note! :o)

    I’m so happy to see that you are a fan of Cam, Locus and Lanor. Fraz and I love Lanor as well and really feel like the boy needs a little more exposure! I promise you’ll see more of him in Felinoids #3.

    Meanwhile, Locus IS my favorite bug boy, and it seems you’ve all taken to him quite a bit since he first showed up in Rapture #1. I have LOTS of Locus fun planned for all of you in the very near future.

    And Cam, well…I live and breathe Cam! He’s my #1 Boytoon…so you can be sure there’s plenty more of him to come… ooooooh! Bad pun! LOL!!!

    Thanks again for the message!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  13. Good morning Patrick (pt.2),

    thanks for this awesome blog and the opportunity to get in touch with You :D

    I was thinking – is there a wallpaper-sized version of this boytoons-No.1-cover? I so love Cam and this is one of Your best renderings of him.

    All the best!

  14. Patrick, you’ll always be Number One in my book, no matter how talented your new hires are. :)

    However, please don’t let the debate over new Class Comics artists drawing your characters ever dissuade you from pursuing that path. It’s the path that will allow your company to develop a full-fledged roster of illustrators and writers, which is what any comics company needs to grow and prosper. Moreover, you clearly have great taste as an artist and won’t let anyone produce for you under the Class Comics banner who isn’t up to the task.

    I don’t have any doubt about that, and neither should anyone else.

  15. Good Morning Phrog and G-Man…

    Again guys, thanks so much for being so supportive! You are the best! :o)

    G-Man… I really appreciate your words of wisdom. It is true that if Class is to get bigger, than we definitely have to call upon people like Spubba and Ismael to come and play! I should point out that adding new talent won’t mean that I won’t work on anymore stuff. I have sooooo many stories to tell and so many characters to bring to life! I still want to show you all ZAHN and tell his story… and so many others! I truly believe that this will help me to do this, because as new illustrators work on some of our established faves, I can start work on new ones.

    But hey, thanks for all the sweet words! You are a doll! :o)

    Phrog, buddy! Do I have a surprise for you! I am working on a little post you might enjoy! Thanks again for being so encouraging! Big wet kisses to you!

    Patrick XOXO

  16. Oh. My. God!

    Dear Patrick, You left me speechless with Your newest post and even if I repeat myself: You are the coolest and most gifted comic book artist ever.

    Boi, do I sound like a fanboi =D Well, that’s cool because I am, so no need to hide.

    Thanks again and again and again. You rock my world and I don’t doubt for a second that all Your new ideas and ventures will blossom. You have immeasurable talent and You are not afraid to get close to Your fans.

    You rock!

  17. Hello Phrog…

    Again, you are TOO kind! You know, you guys really DO make it happen! I mean, I can draw pretty pictures until I am blue in the face, but it’s you guys that make it worth the while! I absolutely LOVE sharing my stuff with all of you! I feel like a kid out playing with all his friends. It is such a wonderful feeling and I thank you all for being so receptive and generous with me!

    My only regret is that I didn’t start this Blog sooner. Oh well, what matters is that I am doing it now!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!
    Hugz + Kisses

    you’re in my blogroll now!

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